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How to link showmax to DStv Subscription in 8 Steps

Adding Showmax to DStv subscription is a great way to enjoy a wide range of movies, series, and shows on demand. In this guide, we’ll take you through the process step-by-step to make it easy for you to add Showmax to DStv monthly subscription. Let’s get started!

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Showmax to DStv Subscription

Here is a detailed guide on how to add Showmax to DStv subscription:

Step 1: Sign In or Sign Up on the MyDStv Self-Service Website or App

Using your DStv customer details, you need to sign in or sign up on the MyDStv Self-Service website or app. This platform allows you to manage your DStv account and subscriptions conveniently.

Step 2: Navigate to My Products

Once you are logged in, click on My Products. This section displays all the services and subscriptions associated with your DStv account.

Step 3: Select Your Active DStv Subscription

Under Subscriptions, select the active DStv subscription you wish to add Showmax to. Ensure you have an active subscription as Showmax can only be added to an active DStv account.

Step 4: Add to Subscription

Click on the plus sign (+) next to Add to Subscription. This action will allow you to include additional services to your current DStv package.

Step 5: Navigate to the Showmax Banner

Find the Showmax banner on the page and click Add. This step initiates the process of linking Showmax to your DStv subscription.

Step 6: Accept the Generated Quote

You will be presented with a quote detailing the cost and terms of adding Showmax to your subscription. Click on Accept to confirm and proceed.

Step 7: Continue to Showmax

After accepting the quote, click Continue to Showmax. This will redirect you to the Showmax platform.

Step 8: Create a Showmax Account or Sign In

If you don’t already have a Showmax account, you will need to create one. If you already have an account, simply sign in with your existing credentials.

Step 9: Start Watching

Once you are signed in to Showmax, you can start watching your favorite movies and series instantly.

1Sign in or sign up on the MyDStv Self-Service website or app using your DStv customer details
2Click on My Products to view your services and subscriptions
3Select an active DStv subscription to add Showmax to
4Click the plus sign (+) on Add to Subscription
5Navigate to the Showmax banner and click Add
6Accept the generated quote
7Click Continue to Showmax
8Create a Showmax account or sign in
9Start watching Showmax content
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What to Expect

  • Easy Transition: Your Showmax billing will seamlessly move from your credit card to your DStv account.
  • Billing Changes: Check your next DStv bill to see the integrated Showmax charge.
  • Automatic Adjustments: If you cancel or suspend your DStv account, Showmax will revert to charging your credit card.

Additional Information

If you are a Showmax subscriber paying by credit card, here’s what you need to know when adding Showmax to your DStv subscription:

  1. Automatic Pause on Existing Payment Method: Once you add Showmax to your DStv subscription, your current payment method (credit card) will be automatically paused. This means you won’t be charged through your credit card anymore; instead, the payment will be integrated with your DStv bill.
  2. Resumption of Old Payment Methods: If you ever decide to cancel your DStv account or if it gets suspended, your previous payment method (credit card) will automatically resume. This ensures that your Showmax subscription remains active and uninterrupted.

Benefits of Adding Showmax to Your DStv Subscription

  1. Convenience: Manage all your subscriptions in one place.
  2. Cost-Effective: Often bundled at a discounted rate compared to subscribing separately.
  3. Integrated Viewing Experience: Seamlessly switch between DStv and Showmax content.


Q1: Can I add Showmax to any DStv subscription?
A: You can add Showmax to any active DStv subscription that supports additional services.

Q2: What happens if I cancel my DStv subscription?
A: If you cancel your DStv subscription, your Showmax payment will revert to the previously used payment method.

Q3: How do I access Showmax after adding it to my DStv subscription?
A: You can access Showmax through the Showmax website or app by signing in with your Showmax credentials.

Q4: Is there an additional cost for adding Showmax to my DStv subscription?
A: Yes, there may be an additional cost. The quote provided during the addition process will detail any extra charges.

Feel free to bookmark this guide and refer to it whenever you need to add Showmax to your DStv subscription. For more helpful guides and tech tips, stay tuned to!

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