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How to load prepaid meter token |Recharge prepaid meter

Are you New to prepaid meter, and hurry to know How to load prepaid meter token. Well, loading your prepaid meter is a simple and straightforward process, though it’s common to face challenges, especially for first-time users. This guide aims to provide a  trustworthy  procedure on how to load your prepaid meter. But before delving into the steps, let’s first understand what a prepaid meter is.

What Is A Prepaid Meter?

The prepaid meter system was introduced in Nigeria around 2015 following the privatization of electricity distribution companies. Its primary purpose is to address issues such as excessive electricity bills and unauthorized electricity usage. Unlike traditional meters, a prepaid meter operates on a pay-before-use model, akin to recharging your mobile phone for calls or data usage.

Taking Control of Your Electricity Bills:

With a prepaid meter, you have the power to pay only for the electricity you consume. Similar to managing your mobile phone expenses, you recharge your prepaid meter in advance, eliminating the risk of receiving unexpectedly high bills at the end of the month. This system empowers you to be conscious of your home appliance usage, providing control over your electricity expenses.

Installation and Features:

A qualified staff member from the Distribution Company installs the prepaid meter to ensure proper functionality. The meter is equipped with a user-friendly dial pad for activation and recharging. Additionally, it features indicators such as a green light for sufficient power and a red light for insufficient power. The attached dial pad allows users to check the exact number of kilowatts on the meter, enhancing transparency and control.

Recharging Options:

There are multiple ways to recharge your prepaid meter. You can use your bank, approach the distribution company directly, or opt for a third-party payment platform like Astro Africa. These convenient options provide flexibility, allowing users to choose the method that best suits their preferences.

Recharging Your Prepaid Meters at the Electricity Distribution Office in Your Area

One traditional method to recharge your prepaid meter involves visiting the electricity distribution office in your local area. This uncomplicated process provides a sense of reassurance for many customers, particularly those of older ages who prefer the reliability of dealing directly with the distribution company to avoid any potential mistakes during the meter recharge.

To follow this approach, you only need to take along your meter card or note down your meter number. At the distribution office, the staff will assist you in completing the recharge process smoothly and accurately. This method, appreciated for its simplicity and personal interaction, ensures that customers can recharge their meters with confidence, knowing that the distribution company is there to support and guide them throughout the procedure.


  • Personalized Assistance: By visiting the Electricity Distribution Office, you benefit from personalized assistance. The staff is there to guide you through the process, addressing any concerns or questions you may have.
  • Avoiding Mistakes: This method is favored by those who want to avoid mistakes during the recharge. The assurance of face-to-face interaction provides a level of confidence, especially for customers who may not be as familiar with the digital alternatives.
  • Trustworthy Transactions: Recharging at the distribution office enhances the trustworthiness of the transaction. Customers can witness the process firsthand, ensuring transparency and accuracy in their prepaid meter recharge.

How to recharge prepaid meter with token in Nigeria: Purchasing Prepaid Tokens Through Your Bank

Instead of visiting a distribution office, you have the convenience of acquiring prepaid tokens directly through the mobile apps of most commercial banks. Here’s a straightforward guide to assist you with this process:

  1. Access Your Mobile Banking Platform: Log in to your mobile banking platform securely.
  2. Navigate to Bills Payment: Within the platform, locate the bills payment section.
  3. Select “Electricity Bills”: Choose “Electricity Bills” as the type of bill you intend to pay.
  4. Choose the Relevant Distribution Company: Identify and select the distribution company that corresponds to your state.
  5. Provide Meter Information: Input your prepaid meter number along with the desired amount of tokens you wish to purchase.
  6. Authenticate the Transaction: Confirm the transaction securely using your Bank PIN for authentication.
  7. Token Delivery: Expect the recharge token to be swiftly sent to you.
  8. Input Token in the Meter: Upon receipt, enter the recharge token into your meter to complete the process.

How to buy Prepaid Electricity Tokens from Astro Africa

Astro Africa stands out as a reliable third-party agent for obtaining your electricity tokens. Their consistent delivery of high-quality payment systems over the years has established them as a trusted choice. To seamlessly buy electricity tokens from Astro Africa, it is essential to follow this process that ensures both simplicity and efficiency.

1. Create an Account:

Register an account with Astro Africa to initiate the buying process. This step is fundamental for a personalized and secure transaction experience.

2. Access Your Dashboard:

After successfully creating your account, proceed to your dashboard. This user-friendly interface is designed to provide you with easy access to various functionalities.

3. Fund Your Nigerian Wallet:

Before making any bill payments, ensure your Nigerian wallet on Astro Africa is funded. This step facilitates a swift and hassle-free transaction process.

4. Select Bills and Electricity:

Navigate to the bills section and specifically choose the electricity option. This ensures that your payment is directed towards the correct service.

5. Choose Funded Nigerian Wallet:

Opt for your funded Nigerian wallet as the preferred payment method. In case the wallet is empty, a prompt will guide you to replenish it before proceeding with your purchase.

6. Select Provider and Meter Details:

Indicate your residential state by selecting the relevant electricity provider. Specify the meter type and enter your meter number accurately to ensure a seamless transaction.

7. Provide Contact Information:

Enter your mobile number to receive the purchased electricity token’s PIN. This step is crucial for delivering the token securely to your preferred contact.

8. Complete the Transaction:

Click on the “buy electricity” option to finalize your purchase. The efficient system ensures that, in less than five minutes, your electricity token will be sent to the registered mobile number.

How to load prepaid meter token

Now that you’ve purchased your prepaid meter recharge token! let’s focus on the step-by-step process how to recharge prepaid meter with token. This ensures that you can efficiently manage your electricity usage. Please follow these simple instructions for a hassle-free experience.

Step-by-Step Procedure: how to load token on prepaid meter

1. Prepare Your CIU:

If your CIU (Customer Interface Unit), the pad with keys, is disconnected from your meter, plug it into a socket and switch it on. To verify the connection, you can check your balance by dialing 009, 801, or 07, depending on your meter type.

2. Check Connection:

Before proceeding, ensure that your CIU is properly connected to the meter. This step is essential to guarantee a successful token load. Dial the appropriate code to check your balance and confirm the CIU-meter connection.

3. Input the Token:

Correctly input the token you received and press the enter key. This ensures accurate communication between your prepaid meter and the recharge token.

4. Verify Successful Load:

After entering the token, the unit allotted to that recharge will appear if the process is successful. This verification step ensures that the added units are correctly registered on your meter.

Monitor Your Usage:

Keep track of your electricity usage through the indicators on the meter. The green light signals sufficient power, while the red light indicates otherwise.

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